AWS Establishes Foothold in Quantum Processing

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R. Bhattacharyya

• AWS launched three initiatives designed to help customers explore quantum processing as well as develop quantum expertise and identify quantum applications

• Amazon Braket gives users the opportunity to experiment with quantum algorithms; the AWS Center for Quantum Computing promotes collaborative research and development; and the Quantum Solutions Lab will help identify use cases for the technology.

Although quantum computing is still in the early stages, and practical applications for it still need to be developed, there is no doubt that the technology’s impressive processing power holds the potential to have a major impact across vertical industries. It’s only a matter of time before the ability to create and deploy quantum solutions becomes a competitive differentiator, allowing some companies to better leverage the wealth of data they have collected to uncover new insights. But building proficiency in new technologies takes years and can be expensive; however, many experts argue that the time is right to start developing internal quantum expertise. With a technology that is just emerging, how and where should enterprises start?

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AWS re:Invent 2019: AWS Adds (A Lot) of Enhancements to its IoT Platform

K. Weldon
K. Weldon

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• At re:Invent and during the prior week, AWS announced a number of key enhancements to its IoT platform, including new capabilities for SiteWise, IoT Greengrass, IoT Core, and IoT Device Management.

• AWS has already gone from Strong to Very Strong in GlobalData’s latest rankings of top enterprise IoT platform providers (for more detail). These latest enhancements up its capabilities in the key buying criteria of data management, analytics, onboarding and troubleshooting.

IoT is a key growth market for technology solution providers and their business customers alike. As a result, the market for platforms that make IoT projects easier to deploy and manage, and more impactful to the companies deploying them, has grown significantly in size and scope over the past four years. There are hundreds of purported platforms on the market, but only a dozen or so stand out in the enterprise segment. Continue reading “AWS re:Invent 2019: AWS Adds (A Lot) of Enhancements to its IoT Platform”

Security Providers Should Focus Less on Selling Security and More on Selling Trust by Becoming Service-Centric

Rajesh Muru

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  • Orange Cyberdefense has an aggressive strategy to drive its cybersecurity business by capitalizing on its strengths in its home market and expanding its security portfolio.
  • Acquisition is part of its expansion strategy, with the purchase of SecureLink and SecureData. The seamless integration of these businesses will be important to its success.

The strategic growth plans laid out by Orange Cyberdefense at its recent Analyst Day in Paris were impressive and tactical. The cybersecurity business has grown since its inception, mainly because it has been able to capitalize on its strengths in the home market with a strong security offering addressing global multinationals with multi-country locations, as well as serving the midmarket. Continue reading “Security Providers Should Focus Less on Selling Security and More on Selling Trust by Becoming Service-Centric”

KubeCon 2019: Kubernetes Solidifies DevOps Strategy Among OpenStack Rivals

C. Dunlap

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  • The KubeCon conference doubled in size to 12,000, inviting more traditional infrastructure vendors.
  • Conference highlights included improved service mesh connectivity, improved developer tools and visibility via ops consoles, and enhanced application lifecycle management (ALM) via security, logging, and application monitoring.

Last month’s KubeCon conference attracted software and cloud computing giants as well as a newer set of infrastructure participants including Cisco, HPE, VMware, and Juniper, which are recognizing new opportunities associated with Kubernetes. For its role in providing container orchestration to app development and deployment processes across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Kubernetes is at the forefront of application modernization directives. Continue reading “KubeCon 2019: Kubernetes Solidifies DevOps Strategy Among OpenStack Rivals”

Vodafone’s Device Lifecycle Management Service Simplifies Device Logistics for MNCs

K. Weldon
K. Weldon

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  • Global companies need to flexibly source the right set of mobile devices, with cost-effective payment options. They need to deal with repairs, returns, replacement, and end-of-life for devices and ensure that every device is fully configured and preloaded with applications in line with security policies – in multiple countries and with multiple contracts.
  • Vodafone has introduced a one-stop shop and scalable solution to deal with all of these thorny problems with a single service and supporting portal that provides everything from staging, kitting, configuration, and provisioning to repairs, replacement, and swaps, along with helpdesk support and visibility and management of customer assets.

Vodafone’s device lifecycle management (DLM) service was launched in 2017 with a catchy advertising and promotional initiative that used humor at the heart of a multichannel digital campaign centering on content designed to appeal to four target segments: specialist mobility professionals, IT decision-makers, finance, and procurement professionals. Continue reading “Vodafone’s Device Lifecycle Management Service Simplifies Device Logistics for MNCs”