COVID-19: Technology Leaders Take Action

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • The current digital climate is on point to shore-up COVID-19 consortiums.
  • COVID-19 case studies highlight innovations which apply to customers’ app modernization projects.

Buoyed by a digital era, the industry has been training for COVID-19’s challenge for several years now. Advancing innovations in the form of scalable cloud infrastructures, intelligence through analytics, integration between apps and big data via APIs, and operational automation to speed IT teams’ adoption of new application architectures are readily available to apply to coronavirus research. Never before has the industry been better equipped to fight a global health epidemic. Technology is harnessed through application and data management platforms powered by machine learning to create the most demanding mission-critical apps connected to a wealth of big data – the kind of data that can cure diseases and discover vaccines, the kind of data that feeds applications which reassure citizens trying to cope with the tumultuous effects of a pandemic. Continue reading “COVID-19: Technology Leaders Take Action”