The Big Trend: One Size Does Not Fit All

S. Schuchart

Summary Bullets:

• The technology industry has a habit of making absolutist statements around big trends.

• The assumption that all use cases are knowable is the root of tech industry absolutism.

The technology industry has a strong tendency to make absolutist declarations, particularly regarding the big trends. For instance, the battle cry of “everything will be in the cloud” has been reverberating in the industry for years. There are tons of workloads in the cloud and more every day. But not all, like the cloud fanatics have been screaming for years. Continue reading “The Big Trend: One Size Does Not Fit All”

Salesforce Broadens Dev Community via VS Integration

Charlotte Dunlap – Principal Analyst, Application Platforms

Summary Bullets:

• Salesforce embraces Microsoft VS to bring Salesforce developers a popular tool in a web-based environment

• Salesforce downplayed AI innovations including Lightning Flow intelligent automation

During last week’s digital conference Salesforce TrailheaDX, the company released a number of developer toolkits, including a browser-based code builder, DevOps Center console, and beta serverless offering. The announcements created a lot of buzz among its own community of developers (who are itching to get their hands on the serverless capabilities). New Visual Studio integrations with Salesforce Code Builder are aimed at attracting a broader pool of web-based developers onto the Salesforce platforms in order to upsell high-value services such as Functions, Einstein AI, and SOQL Query Builder. Continue reading “Salesforce Broadens Dev Community via VS Integration”

TM ONE Leverages Its ICT Capabilities to Convert Post-Pandemic Challenges into Business Opportunities

A. Amir

• TM ONE is a step ahead of competitors with the launch of ONE PASS to address COVID-19-specific business challenges.

• While the adoption is low, the outlook is expected to be positive. Digital health screening and visitor management solutions are expected to be a common service for enterprises post COVID-19.

As lockdown (a.k.a. Movement Control Order in Malaysia) eases off, businesses start to reopen and operate as before, but with stricter guidelines such as social distancing, regular sterilization, temperature screening, and personal data collection. This is expected to be the new normal post COVID-19 at least until the end of the year. It has defined a new set of business requirements, particularly in customer engagement and data collection, mainly for B2C enterprises that deal directly with end-users. Continue reading “TM ONE Leverages Its ICT Capabilities to Convert Post-Pandemic Challenges into Business Opportunities”