Cloud Wars’ Latest Ammunition: Robotics

Charlotte Dunlap – Principal Analyst, Application Platforms

Summary Bullets:

• IBM and Microsoft make key robotic process automation (RPA) acquisitions in May and June, respectively

• RPA is largely viewed as a major component of emerging intelligent automation solutions

RPA software has become the silver bullet of the various components which comprise new intelligent automation solutions that promise to provide cloud providers with an edge in the hotly contested cloud wars.

In recent weeks, cloud leaders Microsoft and IBM have made Tier 3 RPA acquisitions in order to fortify their automation strategies. Automation solutions are turning into a major new opportunity that application platforms vendors are betting on to help lure enterprises into app modernization projects and to gain steam amidst cloud rivals. The ability to automate repetitive operational processes is a mounting objective among enterprises in order to speed time to market with important services, and help reduce manual errors. Continue reading “Cloud Wars’ Latest Ammunition: Robotics”