Teradata Tries to Shake Off Its ‘Just a Storage Vendor’ Stereotype

Ted Cuzzillo,
Principal Analyst – Data Analytics

Summary Bullets:

  • Longtime database vendor and now also analytics vendor Teradata is trying to fight off the perception that it just does data storage.
  • Teradata, in character with its quiet and reliable reputation, struck at the stereotype recently by announcing an expansion of its 20-year-old academic program.

Underneath all the buzz of technology marketing is the steady hum of stuff just working. Part of that hum seems to have always been Teradata, which has been around so long that the name even goes back to when a terabyte of data was impressive.

It’s been humming for so long that it carries a stale stereotype — propagated even by some people who should know better. They still say it offers only data storage. Never mind its strong, nimble analytics wares. Continue reading “Teradata Tries to Shake Off Its ‘Just a Storage Vendor’ Stereotype”