Fiercely Competitive Low-Code Space Bows to Microsoft, Salesforce

Charlotte Dunlap – Principal Analyst, Application Platforms

Summary Bullets:

• GlobalData rates as “Leader(s)”: Microsoft, Salesforce

• GlobalData rates as “Very Strong” competitors: Appian, Mendix, OutSystems, and Pegasystems

Enterprises are motivated to prioritize their modern software delivery initiatives through the high-productivity development tools of low-code platforms. Increased prominence has ensured lucrative funding, acquisitions, and profitability. Heightened importance around low-code app development platforms has been prompted by complex application architectures, a global shortage of professional software developers, and the need for business transformation delivered through meaningful back-end data integrations.

The need to remove red tape from the app modernization process has never been greater during the COVID-19 crisis, prompting executive directives for organizations to accelerate digital transformations. Whether enterprises are entrenched in new software delivery efforts or barely beginning them, COVID-19’s impact has CIOs opting for emerging technologies in order to hurry along digital projects and combat inevitable economic downturns. Many believe those efforts are best served through next-generation low-code/no-code and automation platforms. Continue reading “Fiercely Competitive Low-Code Space Bows to Microsoft, Salesforce”