Oil and Gas Producers Discover Major New Reserves — In Data

Summary Bullets:

Ted Cuzzillo,
Principal Analyst – Data Analytics

• The bulk of the oil and gas industry came late to data analytics, which is so important now as the industry endures a long decline and competes with alternative energy

• Oil and gas companies should recruit for analytics skills and leadership, such as from alternative energy competitors

The oil and gas industry has been discovering a bounty of something perhaps more valuable than new reserves: new sources of data, much of it from new 5G and IoT installations. The big question is whether they can exploit data with the same level of skill they exploit new deposits.

Exploiting data has become especially important now as the energy industry begins to exploit solar, wind, and other types of renewable energy. This new energy could be a new game for them, and it likely entails new metrics. Traditional energy companies will be poring over those metrics hoping to find guidance. Continue reading “Oil and Gas Producers Discover Major New Reserves — In Data”