Capgemini’s New Suite of Services Helps Customers Leverage Edge and 5G Technologies

R. Bhattacharyya

Summary Bullets:

• Capgemini rolled out a suite of six services to help companies leverage the benefits of edge computing and 5G.

• Success will depend on Capgemini’s ability to demonstrate its industry expertise and experience in managing complex ecosystems, and customers’ appetite for new digital transformation projects during the pandemic.

Edge computing and 5G networking are hot technologies that claim to propel businesses into the future by supporting intelligent industry and digital transformation. There is no doubt that the proliferation of connected devices holds the potential to transform how businesses operate, leading to greater efficiency, increased automation, and more insightful and timely data-driven decision-making. Edge computing provides processing power closer to the source of data collection, improving latency and addressing privacy-related concerns. 5G networking enables businesses to transmit large volumes of data to an edge device quickly, reducing latency and costs associated with sending data to the cloud, and facilitating a more near real-time experience. Despite the benefits these technologies promise to deliver, identifying appropriate use cases and deploying the solutions can be a challenge for many organizations. Continue reading “Capgemini’s New Suite of Services Helps Customers Leverage Edge and 5G Technologies”

One Chapter Ends in the Tableau-Salesforce Epic

Ted Cuzzillo,
Principal Analyst – Data Analytics

Summary Bullets:

  • The Tableau brand will survive longer than some feared even a month ago, as Einstein Analytics moves over to be renamed ‘Tableau CRM.’
  • This announcement, made in early October at the annual Tableau Conference, is the end of just one chapter in the Tableau epic.

The Tableau brand will survive longer than feared only a month ago. The recent Tableau Conference brought welcome news from Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky: Einstein Analytics will become part of Tableau and become known as Tableau CRM, making the Tableau brand a principal part of Salesforce.

So begins a new chapter in the Salesforce-Tableau epic. Tableau, the once mighty asteroid, the analytics universe’s dinosaur annihilator, has been tamed. Continue reading “One Chapter Ends in the Tableau-Salesforce Epic”