A Different Approach to Solving Work From Home Connectivity and Security

Summary Bullets:

S. Schuchart

• The challenge is for IT to improve the experience for the work from home user

• Palo Alto Networks Okyo Garde addresses issues many enterprise work from home (WFH) solutions do not

The subject of WFH has had a lot of attention, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the issue for a lot of companies. Many companies have taken advantage of this and have moved their employees to permanent work from home status or only in the office a few select days of the week. The struggle since the beginning of the pandemic has been to support these home users. IT departments strived mightily and, in many cases, bootstrapped solutions that could at least get the home worker up and running. But now these same IT departments are taking a closer look at more effective and permanent solutions. Issues with home networks, particularly Wi-Fi, ergonomics, and even things as basic as monitors and chairs need to be addressed – they are all part of the WFH equation.

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