Vodafone’s Data Analytics Update: Clear Traction as Focus Moves to Executing on Strategy

J. Marcus

Summary Bullets:

  • Vodafone’s data analytics strategy continues to focus on both internal and external opportunities to harvest data (including aggregated, anonymized customer data) for increased efficiency and monetization.
  • Its update briefing for analysts was notable more about its progress in the latter.

Vodafone provided an update to analysts on its big data and advanced analytics activities, which are focused both on internal data optimization for Vodafone’s own business outcomes and on external data for use in products and solutions.  The briefing also included three demos: an internal solution for intelligent pricing as well as customer solutions for visitor traffic analytics and IoT connectivity analytics. Continue reading “Vodafone’s Data Analytics Update: Clear Traction as Focus Moves to Executing on Strategy”

Now Is the Time for Businesses to Define the Future of Work

G. Barton
G. Barton

Summary Bullets:

  • Now is the time for businesses to be reassessing their workplace strategies.
  • Embracing change will bring benefits while resistance risks driving away key talent and younger employees.

The future of work is unknown, but one thing is certain: it will never be the same again.  COVID-19 lockdowns have ingrained working from home to an extent that seemed unlikely in the naïve, pre-pandemic days of 2019.  The return to the office has slowly begun, but it has been significantly delayed by the impact of new COVID-19 variants.  Another factor slowing the return to the office is resistance from employees.  This resistance is not necessarily militant, but is founded on a range of factors including freedom from the pressures of commuting, lingering health concerns, and most importantly, the fact that people have been able to do their jobs effectively while working from home.  In fact, GlobalData research shows that most companies suffered no negative effects from the implementation of work-from-home (WFH) cultures and processes, and almost half saw a productivity increase. Continue reading “Now Is the Time for Businesses to Define the Future of Work”

In Focus Edge Innovators with Disruptive Potential: EdgeConneX, MobiledgeX, and Mutable

C. Drake

Summary Bullets:

  • EdgeConneX, MobiledgeX, and Mutable are three edge computing startups whose innovative business models have potential to shape the future evolution of edge computing.
  • Central to these companies’ strategies is a focus on providing custom-built solutions and empowering app developers with new infrastructure tools and capabilities at the edge.

Among those companies that will shape the future evolution of edge computing, not all are current tech sector heavyweights.  A new ‘In Focus’ report from GlobalData (“In Focus: Edge Computing”) explores three startups that are targeting emerging edge computing opportunities with innovative business models that have disruptive market potential: EdgeConneX, MobiledgeX, and Mutable. Continue reading “In Focus Edge Innovators with Disruptive Potential: EdgeConneX, MobiledgeX, and Mutable”

Connected Technology and Data Are Part of the Solution for Environmental Sustainability

D. Kehoe

Summary Bullets:

  • ICT contributes to a carbon footprint, but stats alone do not provide the full picture.
  • The industry is setting its own goals, but also enabling so many other sectors to be greener.
  • In the past two years, technology really kept us connected in the most challenging times.

GlobalData’s thematic research shows sustainability is one of the most important themes discussed in corporate boardrooms.  While previous decades have witnessed environmental movements, the current wave is unprecedented.  Each headline-grabbing event reinforces public opinion that companies must become more sustainable.  Sustainability is being reported in annual reports and established into corporate strategy.  Over the coming decade, the issue will further transform the way that business is conducted and extend across the supply chain.  Companies that take sustainability seriously now will be better placed to succeed, and technology will be part of the solution. Continue reading “Connected Technology and Data Are Part of the Solution for Environmental Sustainability”