The Myths of the Metaverse  

S. Schuchart

Summary Bullets:

  • The metaverse should be divided into the consumer metaverse (CMV) and enterprise metaverse (EMV) segments for discussion.
  • Metaverse proponents must get past over-enthusiastic, get-rich-quick thinking and provide real value, particularly in the EMV segment.

The inaugural report on the metaverse from the enterprise technology group at GlobalData is now available to subscribers.  Discussion centers on not only the origins of the term ‘metaverse,’ but also hype, pitfalls, value, and the need to divide the market, at least at a high level.  GlobalData subscribers can read it here.

The metaverse can be logically divided into two macro parts: the CMV and the EMV.  At the time of this writing, momentum is coming from the CMV, where companies like Meta Platforms (Facebook) are driving interest, money, and attention.  The vast majority of the hardware is also coming from the CMV, at least for now.  This is one of those rare occasions when the technology flows up into the enterprise from the consumer space. Continue reading “The Myths of the Metaverse  “

As Cloud Giants Prep DevOps Solutions, Disruptors Offer Alternatives

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • New DevOps tools help fill out CICD pipelines, which improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • StormForge added ML models to its observability and resource management portfolio this week.

A new breed of DevOps platform providers are receiving newfound attention among IT operations teams for their ability to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with deploying modern application architectures into production throughout multi-cloud environments, all while ensuring continuous delivery capabilities. Continue reading “As Cloud Giants Prep DevOps Solutions, Disruptors Offer Alternatives”