Radian Arc, the Tiny Edge Infrastructure Provider Driving 5G Monetization

Summary Bullets:

M. Rogers

• Radian Arc, a Perth-based edge infrastructure provider is helping telco monetize 5G with cloud gaming, but is turning its sights on enterprise applications.

• Radian Arc’s built for purpose edge infrastructure and partner marketplace could offer a template for a CAPEX free way for telcos to monetize 5G.

Radian Arc, founded only in 2020, is making a name for itself in the emerging cloud gaming industry. Cloud gaming works largely the same way as video streaming services, with content and processing stored and run on remote servers with the visual outputs of the game being streamed to an end user device. Radian Arc, however, is not a gaming company, instead positioning as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, specifically focusing on providing graphical processing unit (GPU) and storage solutions. However, unlike IaaS providers in the public cloud space like AWS or Azure, or traditional private cloud IaaS, Radian Arc is focused exclusively on delivering their infrastructure at the edge of telecom operator networks.

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