AWS Empowers Frontend Developers with Backend Provisioning, but Low-Code Strategy Remains Vague

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • AWS Amplify Studio provides frontend developers with greater automation and scalability/serverless access.
  • AWS lacks a broader low-code platform strategy to take on Microsoft, Google, and others.

AWS signaled the general availability of Amplify Studio in a somewhat low-key announcement at this week’s AWS Summit conference held in San Francisco. But to the hundreds of thousands of frontend developers of AWS web and mobile apps who are increasingly tasked with creating full-stack applications, the news and updates are significant. Continue reading “AWS Empowers Frontend Developers with Backend Provisioning, but Low-Code Strategy Remains Vague”

Google Unifies Data Storage with BigLake   

Principal Analyst, Advanced Analytics

Summary Bullets:

  • Companies rely upon data lakes to store massive amounts of unstructured data. However, data lakes are not equipped with the necessary tools for deep analysis.
  • With Google’s BigLake, users can utilize analysis tools to query their data from a single platform, avoiding the risk and expense of moving data to a platform with more functions.

The ever-increasing amount of data collected by businesses, governments, and related organizations creates both opportunities and problems; the ability to collect and analyze data allows companies to understand their customer’s preferences quickly and accurately.  At the same time, the amount of data ingested continues to grow exponentially, overwhelming efforts to manage and analyze the data effectively.  Creating even more challenges in data collection has been the shift from the orderly, defined tables of structured data stored in a data warehouse to the exabytes of raw unstructured data, including text messages, audio files, videos, and all of the by-products of the digital world.  Continue reading “Google Unifies Data Storage with BigLake   “