IBM Expands Cybersecurity Grant Program to Help K-12 Institutions Battle Ransomware

Amy Larsen DeCarlo – Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

Summary Bullets:

• Often under-resourced from an IT perspective and possessing a wealth of valuable personal data, educational institutions are prime targets for ransomware.

• With incidents against K-12 school systems rising dramatically, IBM is looking to help districts mount a better defense through its cybersecurity grant program.

The number of ransomware incidents levied against educational institutions is soaring. K-12 school systems in particular have suffered a brutal few years. To help mount a better defense, IBM is again offering cybersecurity support to public school districts in the US and a number of other countries.

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No More Moonshots: IBM Emphasizes Practical AI at Think 2022

W. Stofega

Summary Bullets:

  • CEO Arvind Krishna outlined an AI development strategy that helps businesses become more efficient by eliminating manual processes.
  • IBM’s strategy looks to bring technology to customers to help them accomplish a complete and integrated digital transformation.

Although Think 2022 did not produce headline-grabbing announcements, it did provide customers, the financial community, and the tech press with guidance regarding IBM’s future product strategy. The company’s CEO, Arvind Krishna, expressed intentions to focus on product development related to more practical use cases for artificial intelligence (AI), rather than ‘moonshots.’ To be clear, IBM is not abandoning its heritage of developing new technology; however, Krishna believes that AI projects must bring practical values to the customer and that more ambitious, aspirational initiatives belong in a research lab. One example of IBM’s more pragmatic approach, and the strategy it plans to expand, is how it’s working with McDonald’s. IBM is looking to help the fast-food company use AI to help lower costs and boost efficiency by automating customer orders. An example of a practical solution that will appeal to a broad audience is Watson AIOps, which looks to apply AI to information technology to increase productivity by being predictive, rather than reactive.

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