UK Service Providers Ramping Up Focus on UK SME Market

R. Pritchard

Summary Bullets:             

  • Vodafone has published insights into the UK SME market – the latest move amongst service providers as they look for future growth in the business segment.
  • Service providers are increasingly understanding the importance of behavior, maturity, and small business strategies when addressing this vital, complex, and substantial market opportunity.

Vodafone’s ‘SMEs Like Me’ report examines attitudes, motivations, and challenges of British small businesses. The report’s publication is yet another indication that service providers’ focus is increasingly turning to small businesses as their best engine for future growth in the enterprise market. This is especially true when the multinational corporation, large enterprise, and public sector markets are over-supplied and, in many cases, flatlining.

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Organizations Combat Chronic Security Understaffing by Hiring Less-Experienced Professionals

A. DeCarlo
A. Larsen DeCarlo

Summary Bullets:

  • Facing serious internal IT security expertise limitations, many organizations are hiring lower-level staff and providing professional development on the job.
  • This strategy appears to be yielding good results with many prepared to work on assignment independently within six months, according to an (ISC)² survey of hiring managers.

IT security organizations are under acute pressure.  Navigating an escalating threat environment often with a lack of internal expertise, companies are reassessing approaches to staffing and casting a wider net with respect to hiring for IT security roles.

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