Amazon Goes All-in on Healthcare with $3.9 Billion One Medical Acquisition

Amy Larsen DeCarlo – Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

Summary Bullets:

• Amazon caught both the tech and healthcare industries off guard when it announced it had reached an agreement with One Medical to acquire the tech-centric healthcare provider for $3.9 billion.

• The deal raised some regulatory red flags as critics questioned the data privacy implications of having a large retailer with a massive cloud platform having access to patient records.

Amazon’s planned One Medical acquisition stunned both the healthcare and technology industries. While the deal is not the retailer’s first foray into healthcare, the value of the deal and the pairing with Amazon’s other interests in both brick-and-mortar retail (Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh) and pharmaceuticals (PillPack) show just how serious the company is about pursuing an outsized role in the medical industry. One Medical, which operates just under 200 clinics, offers patients a subscription-based telehealth service, which dovetails with Amazon’s own Prime model. Continue reading “Amazon Goes All-in on Healthcare with $3.9 Billion One Medical Acquisition”