RingCentral’s ‘Customer Service Essentials’ Allows Smaller Businesses to Test the Contact Center Waters

G. Willsky

Summary Bullets:

• Customer Service Essentials reflects a growing propensity among vendors for combining contact center and unified communications capabilities in a single offer.

• Customer Service Essentials lets smaller businesses dip their toe in the contact center waters, but it is merely a pricing bundle at its core.

RingCentral recently launched Customer Service Essentials, a contact center offering targeted at the small office/home office (SOHO) and small business markets. Customer Service Essentials bundles RingCentral’s flagship ‘MVP (Message, Video, and Phone)’ offer and Live Reports, which provides real-time call center performance data.

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Edge Computing is Enabling New Applications in Stadiums and Other Large Venues  

C. Drake

Summary Bullets:

• Edge computing is being deployed alongside 5G, WiFi 6, and other technologies to enable new applications in sports stadiums and other large event venues.

• Emerging applications and use cases are broad and include real-time data processing for crowd and stadium management, as well as the deployment of new ‘audience experience’ applications.

Sports stadiums, concert arenas, and other large event venues are poised to become important locations for the use of edge computing, a growing IT trend that involves the use of local, on-site data processing capabilities. The ability to process data locally at ‘the edge’ instead of sending it to a cloud data center for processing makes it possible to run new digital services and applications that require high levels of performance (e.g., high-definition [HD] streaming video) or real-time data processing (e.g., real-time data analytics related to a specific sports event).

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The Long, Long Road to Ethical AI

R. Bhattacharyya

Summary bullets:

• The preeminent ethical concerns used to be the loss of jobs due to AI, bias, or applications of facial recognition, but the ethical debate has become more complicated.

• Even though AI has been around for years, the AI and ethics conversation is just getting started; increasing awareness and education, as well as broadening the types of participants involved in the conversation, are foundational first steps.

Organizations are eager to leverage the insights provided by AI to streamline operations, enhance productivity, generate new business, and personalize customer experience. Several companies have already deployed the technology, or are at least experimenting with it, and are now looking to scale AI by rolling the technology out to a broader user base and additional departments. But as AI becomes more widely used, many companies are unclear about how to best navigate the murky waters of AI and ethics. No organization wants to risk the public relations fiasco that would ensue should it be determined that the AI algorithms it uses yield biased results against a specific demographic, or are being applied a way that is not in line with corporate ethics policies.

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IoT Enhancements Among ITSPs Driven by Acquisitions and Alliances in 2022

Kathryn Weldon – Research Director, Business Network and IT Services – Americas

Summary Bullets:

• GlobalData’s latest report on IoT services from IT service providers (or ‘ITSP’ – please see: ”IT Services Provider IoT-Services Competitive Landscape Assessment”) highlights recent alliances and acquisitions that have given providers a deeper focus into industrial verticals or enhanced digital transformation capabilities with IoT and adjacent technologies.

• Looking at new services, partnerships, and recent alliances over the last six months, GlobalData ranks Atos as a ‘Leader’ in ITSP IoT services; Accenture, Capgemini, and IBM as ‘Very Strong;’ and InfoSys and Cognizant as ‘Strong.’

Recent key announcements from these providers not included in the aforementioned report (and others such as Tech Mahindra and Wipro) demonstrate how important recent acquisitions and alliances have been to fortify IoT offerings along with other digital transformation technologies such as AI, digital twins, 5G, edge, blockchain, and cloud services.

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AWS’ Private 5G Service Hits the Market with a Big Asterisk

Amy Larsen DeCarlo – Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

Summary Bullets:        

• Eight months after AWS announced it was bringing a private 5G service to market, the solution is now generally available in select AWS regions.

• The AWS Private 5G service comes with a big, carrier-style caveat at launch; it only supports 4G LTE with 5G coming sometime in the future.

After announcing it in December 2021, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has now rolled out its AWS Private 5G service to a wider prospect pool, but without 5G support. The misleading branding of the service will no doubt cause confusion, particularly given the fact that AWS hasn’t specified when support for 5G will be available.

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Malaysia Enterprise Telecom Update Q2 2022 – Mixed Developments but Positive Overall Progress

A. Amir

Summary Bullets:

• There were mixed developments in the telco enterprise ICT space.

• Despite positive progress, telcos should further expand their ecosystem partners for advanced technologies and wider collaborations.

There were mixed developments by Malaysian carriers in Q2 2022, from Maxis’ new 5G alliance, TM’s new solution arm (Credence), TIME’s partnership with Fortinet and its plan to sell its data center business and MCMC’s approval of the Celcom-Digi merger.

1. TM Launched Credence: After acquiring VADS and streamlining its enterprise business under a single brand, TM ONE, TM launched a new entity, Credence, as its cloud and digital service arm. As a new entity, Credence could innovate faster and capture the high-growth ICT market opportunity in the country. However, there could also be brand and back-end integration challenges. For more, please see TM Launched Credence, a New Enterprise Digital Business Arm to Redefine Its Position in the ICT Market, July 8, 2022.
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Now Robotics is Getting Interesting via Siri-like NLP Capabilities

C. Dunlap
Research Director

Summary Bullets:

• Natural language processing (NLP) market heats up under robotic process automation (RPA) integrations

• UiPath steps up its NLP play via acquisition

RPA vendors are adopting NLP technology at a rapid pace in response to enterprises’ stepped-up transformation efforts.

This week RPA vendor UiPath acquired AI pureplay Re:infer to help bolster UiPath’s native NLP capabilities. The start-up’s strengths are in transforming unstructured information from documents and communications into structured data, to be analyzed and integrated into broader automated workflows. Continue reading “Now Robotics is Getting Interesting via Siri-like NLP Capabilities”

Mobile Insecurity: Changing Workplace Models Expose Enterprise Vulnerabilities

Amy Larsen DeCarlo – Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

Summary Bullets:

• Almost half of organizations queried suffered a mobile device related breach in the last year.

• The majority of organizations link the increase in incidents to migration to a hybrid work environment.

It is no secret that the sudden shift to remote work during COVID-19 lockdown put tremendous pressure on IT teams as they scrambled to deploy and manage new collaboration tools and related IT services. Over time, it became apparent that many enterprise security vulnerabilities were exposed in that overnight migration, and as a result there was an uptick in breaches. Continue reading “Mobile Insecurity: Changing Workplace Models Expose Enterprise Vulnerabilities”

[MS Word] Twins: Siemens and Nvidia Partner to Expand Industrial Twinning

Principal Analyst, Advanced Analytics

Summary Bullets:

• Much of the focus and hype regarding the digital world has been limited to providing immersive consumer entertainment.

• While the world awaits the metaverse, companies such as Siemens and Nvidia are building the software and hardware that helps businesses take advantage of digital technology.

The naming game that accompanies the introduction of new technologies can confuse end-users and perhaps impede adoption. The words virtual reality, augmented reality, and metaverse all describe a concept first introduced by Yale Computer Science Professor David Gelernter. In his 1992 book, Mirror Worlds, Gelernter describes a virtual, immersive world where many aspects of public life exist online as an extension and mirror or twin to the physical world. Although Professor Gelernter defined the notion of digital twinning, the roots of twinning go back to the Apollo space program as NASA built a physical twin for each spacecraft headed to the moon for troubleshooting purposes. The existence of this physical twin proved invaluable in returning the damaged Apollo 13 safely to earth. Continue reading “[MS Word] Twins: Siemens and Nvidia Partner to Expand Industrial Twinning”

ASEAN 5G Q2 2022 Roundup: Wider Partnerships Between Carriers and IT Providers

Summary Bullets:

• There were growing collaborations between carriers and IT providers that mutually benefit both parties.

• These partnerships will accelerate enterprise 5G developments in the region, but could also lead to challenges such as go-to-market and customer ownership.

Compared to the previous quarter (for more, please see ASEAN 5G Q1 2022 Roundup: Beginning of 5G Network Slicing and the Platform Play, April 8, 2022), there were a lot more initiatives on enterprise 5G driven by telcos and other industry players in Q2 2022. Telcos continued to enhance their 5G and service capabilities through partnerships with IT providers, including AIS with NCS, Maxis with HPE, M1 with Accenture, Celcom with HeiTech, and Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson (IOH) with Tech Mahindra.

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