Now Robotics is Getting Interesting via Siri-like NLP Capabilities

C. Dunlap
Research Director

Summary Bullets:

• Natural language processing (NLP) market heats up under robotic process automation (RPA) integrations

• UiPath steps up its NLP play via acquisition

RPA vendors are adopting NLP technology at a rapid pace in response to enterprises’ stepped-up transformation efforts.

This week RPA vendor UiPath acquired AI pureplay Re:infer to help bolster UiPath’s native NLP capabilities. The start-up’s strengths are in transforming unstructured information from documents and communications into structured data, to be analyzed and integrated into broader automated workflows. Continue reading “Now Robotics is Getting Interesting via Siri-like NLP Capabilities”

Mobile Insecurity: Changing Workplace Models Expose Enterprise Vulnerabilities

Amy Larsen DeCarlo – Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

Summary Bullets:

• Almost half of organizations queried suffered a mobile device related breach in the last year.

• The majority of organizations link the increase in incidents to migration to a hybrid work environment.

It is no secret that the sudden shift to remote work during COVID-19 lockdown put tremendous pressure on IT teams as they scrambled to deploy and manage new collaboration tools and related IT services. Over time, it became apparent that many enterprise security vulnerabilities were exposed in that overnight migration, and as a result there was an uptick in breaches. Continue reading “Mobile Insecurity: Changing Workplace Models Expose Enterprise Vulnerabilities”