Celona Focuses on Private Cellular Device Interoperability with Certification Initiatives

Kathryn Weldon – Research Director, Business Network and IT Services – Americas

Summary Bullets:

• Celona raises the profile of its private network offering by introducing device certification and enterprise training programs to address interoperability, enhance plug-and-play experience, and increase the number of devices that work on its network.

• The new program streamlines the device certification process while providing rigorous performance testing, including suites for enterprise applications and measurements of parameters such as packet error rate, latency, handover time, and features for QoS and 5G routing.

Celona’s new device certification and customer training programs have several key aims. In order to expand its share of the increasingly competitive private wireless network market, Celona needs to expand the number of certified devices that work with its private wireless offering and edge software. At the same time, it wants to ease customer pain points, which it claims have not been addressed well by other providers. These include (1) the difficulty of finding the best devices for the customers’ particular use cases and environments; (2) making sure these devices work properly, not just from the perspective of the standard certification criteria such as regulatory compliance and device specifications for macro networks, but based on more rigorous performance testing; and (3) ensuring that these devices are interoperable. All of these issues feed into its marketing claims about having turnkey, plug-and-play solutions. The new customer training modules are also aimed at frictionless deployments, which in turn provide more satisfied customers and potential references. Specific elements of its new programs include:

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