UltraSight Brings AI Technology to Improve Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases

Principal Analyst, Advanced Analytics

Summary Bullets:

• Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to healthcare has been the goal of some incumbent technology startup companies. Despite some progress, breakthroughs have proved elusive.

• Despite the difficulties encountered, UltraSight has brought to market an ultrasound software that utilizes AI to produce diagnostic quality images and provides real-time operational instructions.

On August 25, UltraSight received permission to use the conformité européenne (CE) mark on its UltraSight cardiac imaging software for use on ultrasound devices. The CE mark is required for select items sold in the European Union. The mark indicates that the manufacturer or importer of that product affirms that it is in compliance with the relevant EU legislation and the product may be sold anywhere in the European Economic Area. The permission to use the CE mark on a product is an essential milestone in product development, and the UltraSight software will improve the detection of cardiac irregularities, especially in emergencies.

Based in Rehovot, Israel, UltraSight was founded in 2011 and has raised $15 8 million in funding. The company’s primary focus is to improve cardiac sonography by using machine learning (ML) and AI to enable more accurate and timely clinical decisions. According to UltraSight, cardiac sonography is a skill that takes years to acquire and requires daily practice to maintain a high level of proficiency. Healthcare professionals lack mentorship and the time required to gain proficiency in cardiac ultrasound. UltraSight looks to utilize AI to close the skillset gap and allow inexperienced users to take cardiac ultrasound images like a trained expert. The UltraSight solution relies upon an AI algorithm that analyzes and locates where the ultrasound probe is positioned on the patient’s body. Then the UltraSight software provides real-time instructions regarding where to position the probe to obtain a diagnostic quality image. The software is highly sensitive to users’ micro-movements, helping to quickly obtain an image. Once the image quality parameters have been met; the image is saved for further consultation.

In May 2022, UltraSight concluded a clinical study of its software at the Heart Rehabilitation Center, Sheba Medical Center, Israel. The goal of the study was to evaluate UltraSight AI guidance software’s ability to enable medical assistants without any echocardiography experience to acquire ten diagnostic quality echocardiographic views. The study results demonstrate that UltraSight AI guidance can allow medical professionals who do not have prior sonography experience to obtain diagnostic quality cardiac images in 100% of patients studied. The study also found that diagnoses agreed when compared with images produced by experts.

UltraSight expects the software to be available in Europe by 2023 but has yet to announce plans for global distribution. UltraSight does have relationships with large healthcare companies such as GE Healthcare which could help increase its distribution footprint.

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