Verizon’s 2022 Payment Security Report Shed Light on Progress and Challenges in Data Protection

Amy Larsen DeCarlo – Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

Summary Bullets:

• In 2020, Verizon compiled data from PCI DSS security assessors from Verizon and four outside sources to analyze the state of compliance and data security in advance of the release of the latest version of the PCI DSS specification – 4.0 – earlier this year.

• The results are encouraging with 43.4% maintaining full compliance as assessed during an interim audit in 2020 versus 27.9% in 2019.

While the need to meet regulatory requirements associated with data privacy is often cited as an investment driver in security technology, too often organizations struggle to maintain protections during the interim periods between Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) audits. The lack of consistent enforcement leaves organizations that handle sensitive financial information vulnerable to breaches. Continue reading “Verizon’s 2022 Payment Security Report Shed Light on Progress and Challenges in Data Protection”

Price Rises and Hardware Shortages – How Should Enterprises Respond?

G. Barton
G. Barton Research Director

Summary Bullets:

• Enterprises should be aware that different vendors have differing lead times on hardware.

• Service providers have held off on price increases thus far, but this may not be the case in the longer term.

Inflation and resource shortages have been two of the key global macro-economic trends over the last 12 months as the result of multiple contributing factors. Chip shortages have become a significant problem in almost all sectors, and the telecoms market has been significantly affected – albeit in an uneven way. However, while costs are going up, technology may also help enterprises be more efficient.

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