ASEAN 5G Q3 2022 Round-Up

A. Amir

Summary Bullets:

• Carriers continue to expand their partner ecosystem with players across the technology stacks to enhance their end-to-end 5G solution capabilities.

• These initiatives will strengthen providers’ mind share and enable them to capture the early market opportunity through use case co-creation and commercialization.

The previous quarter saw wider partnerships between carriers and IT providers to further expand their enterprise 5G initiatives including AIS with Singtel and NCS, Maxis with HPE, M1 with Accenture, Celcom with HeiTech and IOH with Tech Mahindra (for more, please see ASEAN 5G Q2 2022 Roundup: Wider Partnerships Between Carriers and IT Providers, August 3, 2022). In Q3 2022, ASEAN carriers continued to expand their partnerships with leading technology players to launch innovation facilities and drive industry collaborations with enterprises across different verticals. This includes Singtel and Intel’s partnership on MEC Incubator, AIS and ZTE’s collaboration on 5G Center and Maxis’ wider 5G Alliance.

1. Singtel Partners with Intel for MEC Incubator in Singapore: The initiative expands Singtel’s 5G ecosystem and strengthens the carrier’s edge and the device plays. For example, Intel’s OpenVino offers comprehensive AI development capabilities. Intel also brings a range of key partners such as Axis Communications for video analytics and HTC for mixed reality. This can enable Singtel to address the 5G device limitation, which is still a major challenge in enterprise 5G deployments, but also drive the market development through solution co-creation with enterprises on high-demand use cases such as AI-enabled video analytics and AR/VR. For more, please see Singtel and Intel Announced MEC Incubator to Strengthen Its Enterprise 5G Capabilities and Accelerate Adoption, September 19, 2022.

2. AIS and ZTE Launch 5G A-Z Center in Thailand: AIS continued its strong momentum in the enterprise 5G market with a recent partnership with ZTE to launch 5G A-Z Center, an innovation hub to co-develop new enterprise applications across different verticals, aligned with the Thailand 4.0 policy. They have demonstrated several use cases including automated guided vehicle (AGV), machine vision, and holography. While AIS already has several other initiatives such as the 5G NextGen Platform and Center to drive market development in the country (see AIS Launched 5G NEXTGen Center and Platform to Drive Ecosystem and Accelerate Adoption, June 24, 2022), this partnership can further expand AIS’ partner ecosystem through a multi-vendor approach such as leveraging ZTE private network and 5G solution capabilities. Besides, the collaboration which includes developing co-branded devices (e.g., 5G CPE) can also enhance AIS’ end-to-end 5G solutions by offering wider endpoint options.

3. Maxis Expanded its 5G Alliance Program: Announced in June 2022, Maxis 5G Alliance is moving to the next phase with co-creation and commercialization of use cases. Maxis also added seven new members to the alliance, including Gamuda Land (property and construction), Garuda Robotics (drones), and ITXOTIC (computer vision). The expanded alliance is crucial for Maxis to build 5G solution capabilities across the different technology stacks, especially in emerging areas such as drones and AI.

These initiatives around 5G innovation facilities and expanded partnerships are crucial in building providers’ end-to-end capabilities as well as driving solution co-creation. As enterprise 5G is still in a nascent stage, collaborations with technology players, ecosystem partners and enterprises can enable service providers to enhance their solution capabilities and develop services that are tailored to the market needs. These initiatives can also drive market adoption through trials and use case commercialization.

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