Malaysia Enterprise Telecom Update Q3 2022 – Slower Development but Steady Performance

A. Amir

Summary Bullets:

• Maxis and TM ONE recorded steady growth in the enterprise segments in the first half of the year.

• However, the performance is still below the overall industry growth. Telcos’ mind share is growing but there are still gaps in service capabilities.

The Malaysian enterprise telecom service market has developed rapidly in the last two years. Despite the delay in the 5G wholesale agreement and the Celcom-Digi merger, there were various new product launches, partnerships and acquisitions (see Malaysia Enterprise Telecom Update Q2 2022 – Mixed Developments but Positive Overall Progress, August 11, 2022 and Malaysia Enterprise Telecom Update Q1 2022: Wider Industry Collaborations Despite Stagnant Growth in 2021, April 13, 2022). However, Q3 2022 was a rather quiet period for the local enterprise telecom service market, with no major initiatives announced by the providers. Thus, this update will discuss the top line performance in enterprise services of the major domestic telcos for H1 2022.

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