Nokia Private Cellular Networks Results Point to Market Challenges

Kathryn Weldon – Research Director, Business Network and IT Services – Americas

Summary Bullets:

• Nokia’s Q2 2022 disclosures about its private cellular network market performance provide insights on the overall market, which is seen as a significant growth opportunity by a diverse cast of characters.

• Nokia experienced a slower new-customer growth rate over the last two quarters than in 2021. The company notes regional, seasonal, and go-to-market disparities with some verticals slower to adopt than others.

Nokia transparently discloses details of its private cellular wireless market performance to analysts each quarter, which not only provides insights on the vendor’s momentum, but also enlightens us with information on enablers and challenges that likely apply to most providers. As so many vendors and service providers see private cellular as a major growth opportunity, Nokia’s insights may help explain why the market is still at an early stage of enterprise adoption and why some provider segments appear to be doing better than others in gaining large numbers of new customers and associated revenues.

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