BT – Would You Like Broadband with Your Pizza?

R. Pritchard

Summary Bullets:

• BT has partnered with Just Eat and Checkatrade to offer discounted packages for broadband and mobile as part of its Enterprise Customer Charter.

• Service providers everywhere are looking to exploit third-party channels to maximize their addressable market – especially in mass markets like SOHO/micro businesses.

BT announced partnerships with Just Eat and Checkatrade to offer discounts on business broadband packages and mobile deals as part of the UK incumbent’s Enterprise Customer Charter – its ‘blueprint to boost UK plc by exploiting cybersecurity, digital services, and purpose-driven goals.’

Targeted at the UK’s smallest businesses (up to five employees), BT’s partnership program aims to offer perks to address markets such as the restaurant vertical through Just Eat, and members of the Checkatrade site that targets tradespeople.

With deglobalization and the Great Resignation/Big Quit reshaping the enterprise market, and with a significant focus on the smallest of businesses as engines of growth, BT is looking to exploit ‘go-to’ brands to expand its addressable market. Offering discounts on broadband and mobile is compelling, in particular when addressing the ‘long tail’ of smaller businesses, which can be expensive to target through direct sales. Whether these companies are looking to change or upgrade their existing packages is a moot point, however.

In an already highly competitive communications market (not just in the UK, but the world over), more and more service providers are looking at radical strategies and propositions to acquire and retain market share. On the plus side, partners such as Just Eat and Checkatrade add extra channels with what might be deemed ‘cooler’ brands, but equally for these partners to make a meaningful effort, BT’s margins will be noticeably narrower. Time will tell if Just Eat and Checkatrade members will order telecoms with their pizza or plumbing.

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