Pentanet: Australia’s Regional Player Trying to be the Next Generation of Telco

M. Rogers

Summary Bullets:

• While many of the largest telecom operators in the world are struggling to monetize next generation technologies and services supported by 5G, one small regional player in Australia is doing just that.

• Pentanet, a Perth-based, regional FWA provider is using its 5G mmWave spectrum to launch gigabit-services using mesh technology while it is also taking on cloud gaming with an exclusive Nvidia partnership.

Around the globe, telecom operators continue to face increasing margin pressure and competition from OTTs in their traditional communications space. This has prompted the industry to explore new revenue streams to combat competitive pressures. New 5G networks are commonly cited as an asset operators can leverage to create differentiated services, taking advantage of the increased speeds and latency made available by the technology. Some common areas often cited as early 5G opportunities for the telcos include services in content like AR/VR or cloud gaming, improved fixed broadband using FWA, smart cities, and industrial applications. However, for many operators breaking into these new markets has proved challenging. The investment in new platforms is cost prohibitive at a time when they need to maintain legacy services that make up the core of their business. Some operators are unable to invest in 5G standalone, or nationwide rollouts which limits the performance of their network. In many cases it is the largest telcos with the deepest pockets that have been able to bring next generation services to market, either for consumers or enterprise. However, there is one small telecoms operator based in Perth, Australia that is demonstrating how telcos can bring next generation services to market even on a small scale.

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Practical Sales Initiatives for Security Providers in the Economic Downturn

R. Muru

Summary Bullets:

• Cybersecurity providers must differentiate and be relevant by assisting enterprise customers during the recession, with a business outcome led security approach that includes portfolio business cases.

• Commercial deals should include innovative pricing, offering better commercial initiatives and discounts between 10-20%.

The Global Telecom Sector in the Current Economy

A number of telecom operators have reported a decline in B2B revenue of up to 10% compared to the previous year. To add complexity, the majority of providers are simplifying their portfolios, digitalizing their operations and customer interfaces to reduce OpEx and improve customer experiences in a digital enterprise setting. Within this backdrop, recent announcements on the economy going further in the red will create turmoil in the telecom sector in the next two years, and result in companies failing to meet their projected forecasts.

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