Planning Matters When Giants Fall

S. Schuchart

Summary Bullets:

• The most important companies of today may not be around tomorrow

• Planning for alternatives in technology purchasing/direction insulates from vendor instability

The recent travails of Twitter and its new owner have been the subject of considerable news reports and analysis. Twitter has been a fixture of social media for over a decade, and its fate is yet to be determined. The larger effect of Twitter’s current trials on the technology industry has been one of shock. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AWS, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other “big tech” stalwarts have a feeling of permanence, a sense that these companies are forever. No member of IT staff or technologist can really go a day without encountering at least one of these firms. Their storied market prominence, technological achievements, and reputations all add to the feeling that these companies will be around and important forever. Continue reading “Planning Matters When Giants Fall”

AWS re:Invent 2022 – AWS Attaches Serverless Option to Popular Services

C. Dunlap Research Director

Summary Bullets:

• Lambda advancements further Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) DevOps agenda.

• AWS couples serverless computing with popular data management and app development tools.

During AWS re:Invent 2022, company executives emphasized how customers can leverage its high-productivity DevOps platforms and data management tools to move into the next phase of digitization and app modernization. This challenging phase of moving mission-critical applications into production is one that demands infrastructure configuration abstraction, greater participation of non-coders and data scientists, and data management, which includes automation and security.

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