Amazon SageMaker Launches Geospatial Tools for Multiple Use Cases

B. Valle

Summary Bullets:

• AWS has launched the preview release of new geospatial tools that will help SageMaker to compete in the market of geospatial and AI applications.

• Enterprises can now access and share geospatial data in more user-friendly formats, such as through APIs. This means that developers without a technical background in geospatial data can deploy applications in different industries.

AWS recently launched the preview release of Amazon SageMaker‘s new geospatial capabilities. The announcement is significant because it is the first time that the cloud computing giant adds geospatial tools to its ML platform, although last year saw the release of Amazon Location Service. That solution already helped developers add location functionality to their applications, visualize maps, search points of interest, optimize delivery routes, track assets, and use geofencing to detect entry and exit events in a defined geographical boundary.

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