Google’s AI Move Gives Devs Another Reason to Upskill on GCP

C. Dunlap Research Director

Summary Bullets:

• Google pads its AI arsenal via ML and app platforms.

• Generative AI/ML is now at the heart of the cloud wars.

Google is targeting a broad array of developers with its new roll out of AI-enabled APIs, tools, and capabilities, including a new generative AI model being made available to this community for the first time. Foundational to these services are Google’s growing AI portfolio including:

  • PaLM API, which accesses Google’s large language learning model;
  • Vertex AI, a machine learning platform;
  • Generative AI App Builder, a new app development platform for creating bots, chat apps, digital assistants, and custom search engines;
  • Workspace, a simplified app development/management toolset (including Cloud Code); and
  • MakerSuite, a simple browser-based tool for building apps with Google’s Foundation Model.
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