COVID-19 and the Future of Frontline Social Care in the UK

by Leonardo Freitas, Senior Public Sector Analyst

The COVID-19 pandemic continues in the UK and the majority of the world, and even if signs of success on the disease control start to show in some western countries such as Germany, Italy, and Spain, the crisis is still far from its end. By now, governments have realised how fragile their welfare systems can be, and the strong interdependence between their economic output and services provided by the state.

In the UK, the social distancing being enforced in the phase two of the mitigation stage means a significant part of the population is still out of the workforce. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), unemployment claims rose by 69% in April alone, when 2.1 million people applying for benefits, compared to 856,000 in April 2019. Continue reading “COVID-19 and the Future of Frontline Social Care in the UK”