Why AT&T Sponsored Data Isn’t the End of the Internet as We Know It

Brian Washburn
Brian Washburn

Summary Bullets:

  • AT&T Sponsored Data has a strong corporate applications angle. Annoying mobile ads may be a concern, but it’s not out to destroy the Internet.
  • If AT&T Sponsored Data seems a product of wireless data caps set too low, competition and market forces – not regulations – should correct that.

On January 6th, AT&T debuted its Sponsored Data service. The service is a way for businesses to let AT&T’s wireless customers access content of the business’ choice on their mobile devices, across AT&T’s 4G network for free. In this case, “free” means that AT&T Mobility customers don’t count Sponsored Data transfer volumes over AT&T’s 4G network against their monthly bandwidth caps. AT&T Sponsored Data has some initial sample applications and intriguing possibilities. A colleague, Kathryn Weldon, published a business services report about Sponsored Data that is accessible to subscribers of Current Analysis content here: AT&T Helps Business Customers Engender Loyalty via Sponsored Data Service, Jan. 6, 2013). Continue reading “Why AT&T Sponsored Data Isn’t the End of the Internet as We Know It”