In Search of the Rare and Elusive DevOps Beastie

Steven Hill
Steven Hill

• Assuming that you can simply combine two important job functions into a single entity isn’t necessarily the best or smartest way of managing IT resources.
• Your environment may need a lot of work before you can effectively cross that line.
As IT professionals we’re constantly challenged to do more with less, and no one can argue that all of the wonderful flexibility offered by virtualization hasn’t fundamentally changed the nature of the data center in a remarkably short period of time. But simplifying the physical concerns of standing up servers and applications doesn’t necessarily mean that you can simply merge developer and operations functions into a single entity with a unified purpose. This is an evolutionary process, and — because bean counters are always looking for things like this to thin head counts — smart IT managers might want to head this off until they’ve taken an honest look at their environment. Continue reading “In Search of the Rare and Elusive DevOps Beastie”

Overcoming the Obstacles to Cloud Collaboration

Rena Bhattacharyya

Summary Bullets:

  • Cloud collaboration brings together two of the hottest trends in the IT industry.  It marries the productivity enhancements of collaborative solutions with the benefits of a cloud-based consumption model.
  • A recent Current Analysis survey shows that 64% of organizations use cloud services; of those, 26% already use cloud collaboration and another 15% plan to within two years.

Cloud collaboration is taking off – these services foster effective communication by bringing together real time communication such as voice, chat, video, and presence with persistent collaboration such as groups, messaging, activity streams, file editing/sharing, blogs, wikis, etc.  To be most effective, solutions must be easy to use, provide business analytics/intelligence capabilities, and integrate with line of business applications.  They should support the creation of a vendor ecosystem and deliver an integrated experience across applications and workflows. Continue reading “Overcoming the Obstacles to Cloud Collaboration”