VMworld 2015: With NSX 6.2, VMware Encroaches on More Product Markets

  • Mike Fratto
    Mike Fratto

    VMware announced a number of new features for NSX which are necessary, but incremental.

  • VMware’s technology partners need to be wary when the company enters their market.

On the run up to VMworld 2015 VMware released NSX 6.2 which added a few new features such as inter vCenter NSX support, universal firewall rules, security groups, logical routers, and logical switches, and a new troubleshooting tool called Traceflow. Collectively, these are important but incremental updates to NSX. A bigger game changer coming at the end of September is the integration between the virtual and physical network when VMware and its hardware networking partners like HP complete the support of OVSDB in NSX to manage hardware virtual tunnel end-points (VTEPs). In the far distant future, VMware will also support virtual networking with cloud services like Amazon Web Services by creating a VM that runs a virtual switch which NSX can then manage. Continue reading “VMworld 2015: With NSX 6.2, VMware Encroaches on More Product Markets”

VMware’s NSX Is an Opportunity to Innovate, Not a Declaration of War

Mike Fratto
Mike Fratto

Summary Bullets:

  • VMware’s NSX is not a declaration of war on any networking vendor.  It is much more cooperative than competitive.
  • Network vendors need to add value on top of NSX to remain relevant.  Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to add value.

VMware’s NSX is a network virtualization platform that provides a number of benefits for interconnecting virtual machines to other virtual or physical resources.  The virtual network is independent from the underlying network; the virtual network is programmable and responds quickly to VM changes; and new physical or virtual services can be inserted or removed easily for scaling in/out or adding new services.  NSX is a technology that enables new capabilities and it is not a declaration of war as some commenters have excitedly said.  Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) still have plenty of room to innovate and provide value outside of virtual networking. Continue reading “VMware’s NSX Is an Opportunity to Innovate, Not a Declaration of War”