Degrees of Separation Between Carrier and Enterprise Data Centers Are Few

M. Spanbauer
M. Spanbauer

Summary Bullets:         

  • Carrier and enterprise data centers share many common elements.
  • The messaging will be different and tailored to each segment; however, the core technology remains the same.

As I was preparing for an upcoming event in London (Layer123’s Cloud-Net Summit, March 12-14) and working on characterizing the data center profiles that carriers are considering, it struck me that carrier and enterprise data centers are discussed and defined in completely separate ways.  However, as one evaluates the technology within, there are fewer differences than similarities.  Both enterprise and carrier data centers consider low-latency mechanics and optimizing point-to-point communications; provide secure domains that enable customers access to their resources; and rely on highly resilient, scalable architectures that allow for both growth and ironclad operational uptime.  The list does not stop there. Continue reading “Degrees of Separation Between Carrier and Enterprise Data Centers Are Few”