Atos Has a Secret Weapon, and It Rhymes with Awesome Computing

Brad Shimmin – Research Director, Business Technology and Software

Summary Bullets:

• There’s a race right now in high tech to build the first general purpose quantum computer, with industry leaders IBM, Google, D-Wave Technologies, and Intel each building out very different implementations of a single, revolutionary idea — the use of qubits instead of plain old bits.

• But unlike most races, this one has no clear finish line as we’re still figuring out the best approach to quantum computing or to building software for them. Enter IT services powerhouse Atos, which is backing a pure but as yet simulated idea of quantum computing in an effort to garner what matters most, namely the hearts and minds of future quantum developers.

There’s an awful lot of noise in the technology industry right now regarding the promise of quantum computing. A sizable number of dissimilar technology and platform players, ranging from Intel to Google to Atom Computing (a 2018 startup) are all busy building increasingly capable computers that push and pull qubits rather than bits. And as you might expect from such a diverse cast, there are a lot of differing views on how to build such a beast and how to best put it to use.
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Note to Computer Science Students: Quantum Computing is the Future; IBM Announces Landmark 50 Quantum Bit Computer

C. Dunlap

What’s the future in computer science and technology? Quantum computing of course.

Industry giants including Google and IBM are getting revved up over quantum science for its ability to massively speed cloud computing systems and bring staggering intelligence to new cognitive applications.

Technological advancements in the decades-old science are proving a crucial turning point for evolving quantum science into quantum reality. IBM’s recent announcement of a quantum milestone–a quantum computer that handles 50 bits (qubits)–shores up its quest to achieve quantum supremacy. A newly commercialized 20 qubit cloud system with unheard of levels of superconducting capabilities will entice the best of the best industry and academic minds to design advanced apps and literally go where no man has gone before. Continue reading “Note to Computer Science Students: Quantum Computing is the Future; IBM Announces Landmark 50 Quantum Bit Computer”