Notes from the Front Line: CISOs Share their Problems and Prescriptions

Paula Musich
Paula Musich

Summary Bullets:

  • The NSA leaks have created new opportunities for non U.S.-based cloud providers.
  • Developing people and political skills among IT security pros is equally as important as developing technical skills, but it is often overlooked.

I had the good fortune to attend the CISO Forum in London this week and as usual it offered a lively discussion of critical security concerns faced by enterprises, governments and non-profits. Topics covered long running themes such as how to define, measure and manage risk; how to communicate the value of and need for information security to the C-Suite and board; how getting the basics right is difficult for most organizations; the security skills shortage; the need to provide agile security and more. Continue reading “Notes from the Front Line: CISOs Share their Problems and Prescriptions”